Monday, November 10, 2008

The Story of Emmy's First Official Haircut

Emmy had her first official haircut today.
We took her to the same hometown barber that gave Daddy his first haircut when he was just a wee boy.
(Note: Don't overlook Gramma Sandy's priceless reflection in the mirror.)

She did such a wonderful job; sat so still and quiet. And only shed a few tears.
We are so proud of our big brave girl.
They did a great job. She looks beautiful with the same Dutch Boy haircut that daddy had at this age.

They gave us this adorable "First Haircut" certificate and some locks of her hair for her baby book.

Then Emmy, Gramma Sandy, and I went for a celebratory "First Haircut" dinner.

And shared some delicious, celebratory, "First Haircut" chocolate cake.


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