Monday, November 10, 2008

Giving Thanks - Day 10

10.) Thrift Store Finds. My mom and I found this little wooden rocking chair for a steal at a consignment shop in Chelsea -now closed- before Emmy was even concieved. (Back when I planned on naming my first daughter Sofia. We bought the chair for "Sofia" but I am so glad it is Emmy who gets to use it.) I have had it tucked away for a while so last night I pulled it out for her. She is now at that stage where she knows how to use her body and loves to climb in and out of pint sized furniture. Climb in, climb out, climb in. climb out, climb in...well you get the idea. It was a great way to fill those dreaded pre-bedtime evening hours. And she went running right to it when she got up this morning (screaming of course, as you can see from the pics). Great entertainment for the cheap. Hip Hip Hooray for antique/thrift/consignment stores!


Myra said...

Amen, amen, amen!

These pics are so cute! I can just hear her yelling, "Dahhhhh!"

mama said...

was this before or after the haircut?

Katie said...

Before. Some are from last night and some from this morning.