Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Giving Thanks - Day 19

19.) The budding (but never starving) artist that Emmy is becoming. Today was the first time I gave her paper and crayons and just let her go at it and she loved it. She sat and played with them for at least 45 minutes. In her entire life, nothing has kept her interest before for an entire 45 minutes in a row. It was F-U-N! Proudly displayed on our fridge is her first masterpiece. But you don't have to come to my house to see it, I'll post it here for your convenience. Beautiful, right?


Everything I do, I do it for you said...

So cute! Elijah loves to color...I just let him do markers today...Lets just say we now have a "play shirt," but he had so much fun. He calls crayons "cones" haha....Anywho, can't wait to see more pieces of art from miss Emmy!

mama said...

She needs to do one for grandma's fridge. Can't wait until she does her first xmas list. Wonder if she will ask for spandex like her mommy did?

Erin said...

All is needs is a beautiful frame to go into...I will make sure to get her autograph the next time I see her