Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Giving Thanks - Day 11

11.) Nap time. Oh, sweet, blissful, nap time. In general, I have a very healthy respect for the nap. Never do I appreciate it more, however, than on days like today when Emmy woke at 5:45 AM with the flu. Yep, that's right, the dreaded stomach flu. By 10:30 AM, a little rest was just what the doctor (would have) ordered for us. We both got some much needed shut eye and, even though it isn't a cure for what ailed us, we both were refreshed to start the battle anew. And, while we're on the subject of sleep, I'm really pretty fond of bed time too. So much so that I think I'll go to bed now. Goodnight!


mama said...

Poor babies. Hope you are feeling better today.

Jennifer said...

The Leaf Topiary was super easy! I used a grapevine ball. The example I saw said a styrofoam, but that was $11.99 and the grapevine ball was just 3 bucks! Anyway...You also need the following items:
*Two garlands of leaves(1/2 off at Hobby Lobby this week)
*3 cane sticks to use as the trunk
*Foam to put in the urn.

I used the wire that was on the garland to group the sticks together and then attach them to the ball. I stuck the other end of the sticks down into the foam in my urn. Next, I took the leaves off the garland and hot glued them to the grapevine ball. I had plenty so I put them pretty close together. I wanted a full look. I added some ribbon I had here on the sticks to jazz it up a little and the moss to the top of the urn to cover the foam. I hotglued that in place too. It really was quite easy. Guess I should have taken some pics while I was working.

Erin said...

Hope you and Emmy feel better soon...I don't wish the flu on anyone...especially little ones like Emmy..(and you too)