Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Little Like Christmas

Today is Halloween Eve. It was 26 Degrees outside when we got up this morning. There was a thin layer of frost spread out on roof tops and covering car windows. I was thrilled! I love this time of year when the weather turns cool for many reasons.

1.) I get to wear these:

And these:

when I hang out around the house.

2.) Speaking of hanging out around the house, cool weather is a good excuse to spend more quiet days at home with Emmy and the hubby sipping on hot coffee-me, not Emmy. (Except I am pretty sure I gave her coffee yesterday. It was an honest mistake. I'm a wonderful mother.)

3.) Frost is as good as snow in my book which means CHRISTMAS! So you'd better believe we spent the day jammin' to Christmas Carols. While we're on the subject of Christmas (which we will likely often be for the remainder of the holiday season since it is my favorite time of the year) I like to use Halloween decorating as a warm up for the BIG Holiday. Here are some pics of my subtle fall/halloween decor.

This, my friends, is a pumpkin spray painted with chalkboard paint. It is F-U-N!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween and gets lots of candy. Thank goodness it falls on a Friday this year. I'll be able to spend the weekend putting up Christmas decorations!

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~Shannon said...

Thank goodness there is someone else who breaks out the Christmas songs waaayy to early! I love Christmas music and listen to it all year long.

Happy November!