Monday, December 8, 2008

A Few of Her Favorite Things

I love to sing Emmy the "Favorite Things" song. (You now the one; from the Sound of Music.) It is one of my faves. I was singing it to her this weekend and it got me thinking. What are some of Emmy's favorite things? Here is what I came up with.

1.) Milk! For which she signs ferociously...using both hands and waving them around so she's sure you see her. Strange that this is the one word that she refuses to say and instead will only sign for. She'll say "cup" and "ba ba" (bottle) but not "milk."

2.) Moo! I know, you're probably thinking, "Moo? This is a bear, not a cow! Silly baby." And you're not wrong. See, Emmy has this Huggie Bear and a Huggie Cow (currently in the laundry.) We taught her that cows say moo, often times using the Huggie Cow to illustrate so my best guess is that she took it to mean that all huggies are called "Moo." She calls all Huggie Blankets this, regardless of the animal it is made to look like. And she LOVES her Moos. The other morning while having breakfast she saw me throw some clothes downstairs to the laundry and thought it was her beloved Moo. I tried and tried to convince her otherwise but nothing would stop the tears until I went into her room and brought Moo out to have breakfast with her. I tucked him into the highchair with her and she snuggled him into her armpit, picked up a Cheerio in her chubby little fingers and offered it to Moo by holding it up to his mouth and saying "mmmmmm." (Insert collective "Awwwwww!" here.) And a peaceful breakfast was had by all. No moo has ever been so lucky to have such an attentive child to care for it.

3.) This jacket, which is too small for her, is Emmy's newest addiction. I have this sweatshirt stashed away in her closet in a box of "too small" clothes. She goes in there everday and digs it back out to drag around the house and put on her head. I try to sneak it back in there but to no avail. She catches me red handed everytime. Today she even insisted that it go along with us to run some errands. Really, though, it is fine by me because if she's playing with this it means she's not digging out my clean undergarments and wearing them on her head. (Yep, I let her do that too. Don't judge me.)

4.) Singing about snow, or as she says it, "Nho, nho, nho." She has me sing her "Let it Snow, Let is Snow, Let it Snow" about 50 times a day and she is kind enough to help me sing the chorus. I hope she never stops doing that. I'll belt that song from the mountain tops, or Meijer parking lot, as it may be, if I think it'll make her happy.


mama said...

Never has there been a luckier little girl, having a mommy like you!

Myra said...

Too cute! I thought of a few more Emmy obsessions: goggles, vests, peaches, keys, vanilla ice man, airplanes, and bras. She has so many passions!

Katie said...

Let's also not forget books and going "bye bye." It doesn't matter from where or to where, as long as we're going.